Moscow Family Medicine is committed to providing the highest level of quality medical care and personal service to our patients. For every commitment, there is an obligation. We feel it is the responsibility of the patient or guardian(s) to meet their financial obligations.

Moscow Family Medicine accepts and will bill out to many insurance companies. It is always a great idea to contact your insurance company to see if Moscow Family Medicine is a contracted provider. Knowing your benefits is very important and with so many different levels of coverage available, it is hard for us to keep up with all of it.  Calling your insurance company directly is the best way to anticipate what will be covered and what will be patient responsibility.

In addition, your insurance company does not guarantee payment to us. While it is our intention to assist you, it is your responsibility to ensure that all services rendered or referred by MFM on your behalf are paid in full and in a timely manner.  For further questions or assistance, please call our Billing Office at 208-882-4611.

In order to clarify MFM’s Financial Policy, you will find our financial policy at the link below:

Financial Policy

Pay here for MFM services rendered prior to 12/31/2016

Effective January 1, 2017 you will receive statements from Catalyst Medical Group, Moscow Family Medicine division for all services rendered after 1/1/2017.  If you have a balance owing to Moscow Family Medicine for services prior to 12/31/2016 you will continue to receive statements until the account is paid in full.  Separate payments are required for each respective account.  If you have any questions, please call our business office at 208-882-4611.

Payment will be requested at the time of service for all services which are non-covered or determined to be the patient’s responsibility, including co-payments and deductibles.  Payment may be made by cash, check , Visa, Mastercard or Discover card.

If you have a question regarding insurance, billing or our fees, please call our Business Office at 208.882.4611.




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