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Joanna, Natasha and Tiffany are all extremely accommodating at QuickCare. As a student who stays for the summer, I can tell you how invaluable it is to have a “student health clinic” that still exists in Moscow for me during non-school times.

- June 13, 2017

Jessica helped me with my paper work and was very friendly.

- March 4, 2015

Lauren is always friendly, efficient, courteous and professional!

- March 4, 2015

Everyone I had contact with was excellent.

- March 4, 2015

Kathy G. is spot on with her patient interaction.

- March 4, 2015
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  • Main Street Office: 208.882.2011
  • Business Office: 208.882.4611
  • West Side Clinic: 208.882.2011
  • QuickCare Clinic: 208.882.0540
  • UI Student Health: 208.885.6693