Frequent Questions Friday

We would like to take some time to answer some of the common questions that our staff is asked around the office. Below are some answers to help clear up any questions that might have you wondering why we have some of the procedures in place here at Moscow Family Medicine.


“Why can’t I just talk to my doctor when I call in?”

– Moscow Family Medicine has a process in place that allows the providers to focus face to face time with their patients without being interrupted. When a patient calls in, a phone note is created electronically and sent to the nurse for triage. The nurse will either return the call to the patient or forward it if it requires the attention of the provider. Once the concern/question has been addressed, the patient will receive a call with the answer/solution.

“Why do I have to sign so many papers when I see the doctor?”

– We understand the sea of paperwork that swirls around doctor’s offices. We are continually looking for ways to eliminate any paperwork that we can. Be assured that if you are asked to sign documents, it is necessary to capture your signature to comply with rules and regulations that seem to be changing rapidly in the healthcare world.


“Why do you always ask me for my insurance card?”

– We require a scan of your current insurance card every calendar year. We want to ensure that we have the most current information to properly bill your insurance carrier and alleviate any frustration of an unnecessary bill due to lack of information. Also be sure to notify the reception staff if there are any changes to your insurance policy throughout the year so we can keep your records as up to date as possible.

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