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Allergy Testing – What You Need to Know
Moscow Family Medicine now offers the latest in allergy testing.  You no longer have to endure the multiple skin-prick testing.  A single blood test can now determine what you are allergic to and can be used to formulate medication tailored to your specific allergies.

Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergy symptoms.  With the Immulite® 2000 analyzer and 3gAllergyTM tests, the Moscow Family Medicine Laboratory now performs the latest generation of allergy testing from a single blood sample.  More than 400 individual allergens can be tested and there are currently 6 allergy profiles available in our laboratory.  The profiles include allergens for foods, trees, grasses, weeds, animals, molds and insects.  Tests can be performed for patients over the age of 3 months.

Following a physical exam which includes a history of allergen exposure, physicians use the results of the allergy blood tests to make a diagnosis.  If the allergy is a food allergy, the patient knows what food(s) to stay away from.  For most other allergens, immunotherapy treatment can begin to help alleviate allergy symptoms and patients can attain long-term tolerance to the allergens.  Through weekly shots, patients are exposed to small amounts of the allergen and the exposure is gradually increased over a 2-5 year period of time.  Immunotherapy is the closest thing to a “cure” for non-life-threatening perennial and seasonal allergies (mold, pollen, dust mites, animal dander or grasses) and asthma.

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