Laboratory & Testing Services

Moscow Family Medicine’s lab is a highly complex, CLIA certified laboratory. Testing is performed by experienced, board certified laboratory professionals and our analyzers are state of the art, giving accurate and precise results. Moscow Family Medicine laboratory testing includes general chemistry and immune-chemistry testing such as hepatitis tests, hormone levels, vitamin test, drug levels and infectious disease tests. We have the most up-to-date 3rd Generation blood allergy testing. In addition, we test for auto-immune diseases, hemotology disorders, diabetes and cardiac issues. We set up our own cultures to aid providers in treating infectious disease. Our results transfer directly into our patient’s electronic medical record, so as soon as the testing is complete, the results are accessible.

Having these and other tests done at our in-house laboratory shortens the waiting period for results, which in turn, helps health care providers determine diagnoses and treatment plans for their patients quickly. Saving health care providers time means that we can save patients time with our advanced testing and commitment to customer service.

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